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What Makes Affiance Fungicide Systemic

Affiance Fungicide contains a tetrafluoroethoxy group as part of its chemical structure, making it unique among systemic fungicides.

This tetrafluoroethoxy group provides a high degree of systemic movement in treated plants due to optimally balanced liposolubility and hydrosolubility, properties necessary for active ingredient movement within treated plants.

What is Liposolubility and Hydrosolubility?

Liposolubility – solubility in fats and oils, a measure of how well the active ingredient penetrates the waxy leaf tissue and moves into the plant.

  • If too low, the active ingredient has no ability to penetrate the leaf surface.
  • If too high, the active ingredient will bind to the waxy substances in the plants cuticle and cell walls.

Hydrosolubility – solubility in water, a measure of how well the active ingredient moves through the water transport tissues (xylem/phloem).

  • If too low, the active ingredient is NOT soluble in water and therefore is NOT able to be translocated.
  • If too high, the active ingredient will translocate too much and accumulate in growing points only, leaving other portions of the plant unprotected.

Affiance Fungicide has optimally balanced liposolubility and hydrosolubility

  • Balanced liposolubility to move into the plant without binding to the cuticle or cell walls, and balanced hydrosolubility to translocate to new growth without accumulating in new growth.

Systemic Movement of Affiance Fungicide in Corn

To visually illustrate the systemic movement of Affiance in treated plants, a greenhouse study was conducted on corn. All of the corn plants pictured were sprayed with 10 oz/acre of radiolabeled 14C Affiance Fungicide at the V5 growth stage.

  • Following the application, a corn plant was harvested every two weeks and scanned using a bio-imaging analyzer to determine how high in the plant Affiance had translocated.
  • The bio-imaging analyzer scans are shown below.

49 Days After Application – Movement into the tassel

The grey coloration in the bio-imaging scans above show the presence of Affiance Fungicide in the tassel of the treated corn plant. The photo shows Affiance has moved into and protected the entire tassel from a single V5 application made 49 days earlier.


56 Days After Application: Movement into the husk, silk, and ear

56 days after application, Affiance has moved into the husk, silk, and developing corn ear, providing complete season-long protection from a single V5 application.

How Will the Systemic Movement of Affiance Fungicide Benefit My Crops?

Total Plant, Season Long Disease Protection

  • The results of the greenhouse study prove Affiance Fungicide is the most systemic fungicide available for use in corn and soybeans, providing complete season long protection from a single early season application.
  • In the field this level of protection equates to significant improvements in disease control, as illustrated in the photo below.

All fungicides were applied at the V5 growth stage. The leaves pictured are of the ‘ear leaf’, the leaf directly below the corn ear. Disease: Grey leaf spot and Northern corn leaf blight.

  • As you look at the picture to the left it is important to note the ‘ear leaf’ was NOT present at the time of application, meaning none of the fungicides sprayed came in contact with the ear leaf during application.
  • Any improvement in disease control compared to the ‘Non-Treated’ leaf is a function of the fungicide systemically moving to and through the ear leaf several weeks after application.
  • Notice how only Affiance Fungicide has the residual control and systemic horsepower to translocate to new growth to provide protection of plant tissue not present at the time of application. An early season application of Affiance provides total plant, season-long disease control.

Unsurpassed Plant Health Benefits

  • Stressed growing conditions can have a major impact on the growth and development of your crop. Even in the absence of disease, Affiance Fungicide will benefit your crop by allowing plants to better handle stressed growing conditions.
  • The picture below visually illustrates the benefit of an early application of Affiance Fungicide to a field that became drought stressed later in the season.

Learn why more farmers are applying fungicides early in corn and
why Affiance Fungicide is the best choice for early applications.

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