And the Winner of the Grain Trailer Giveaway is...

Mark Schleisman

Gowan Company is delighted to announce Mark Schleisman from Lake City, Iowa was selected as the winner of the Affiance Grain Trailer! Mark won a 2017 Wilson 41’ PaceSetter grain trailer with the Affiance Fungicide and Gowan USA logos on the side and back.

About Mark

After graduating from college, Mark spent his first 9 years as a consultant for Seri-Tech in western Nebraska focusing mainly on popcorn scouting. Thereafter, he moved to Lake City, IA and started his own popcorn production operation with his brother and father.

He and his wife, Melissa, started M & M Farms (Mark & Melissa) and have 7 children together, ranging in age from 6 to 29. Over the past couple of decades Mark has built a massive row crop and livestock operation consisting of:

  • 3,000 acres of popcorn (1,000 acres of which are grown for seed) he sells to ConAgra under the Act II and Orville Redenbacher popcorn brands.
  • 1,200 acres of soybeans
  • 800 acres of yellow dent field corn
  • 30,000 hogs they raise from wean to finish and sell to Smithfield
  • 350 head of feeder cattle

In the winter months Mark works as a consultant for ConAgra, and travels the world selling the very popcorn seed he grew on his own farm just months earlier.

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