What is Affiance® Fungicide?

Affiance is the most systemic, dual mode of action, unique formulation, broad spectrum fungicide registered for use in corn and soybeans.


Watch a systemic movement overview of Affiance here:

What makes Affiance different from all other fungicides?

Highly Systemic

  • Affiance is the most systemic fungicide available for use in corn and soybeans due to the unique chemical structure of tetraconazole, one of the two active ingredients used in Affiance. The unique chemical structure of tetraconazole allows for quick penetration into plants and fast translocation throughout plants.

Dual Mode of Action

  • Affiance contains the two active ingredients tetraconazole and azoxystrobin, each having a different mode of action, for control of any resistant diseases that may already be in your fields as well as preventing further development of disease resistance.

Unique Formulation

  • Affiance is formulated as a micro-emulsion (ME) that delivers particle sizes 1000X smaller than other fungicide formulations. The small particle size of Affiance allows for more even coverage of treated plants, as well as faster movement into and throughout plants.

Broad Spectrum

  • Affiance is labeled for the control of 19 of the most common corn and soybeans diseases. No matter what disease you're battling, there is a good chance Affiance Fungicide will control it.

The Most Systemic Fungicide

Affiance is the most systemic fungicide available for use in corn and soybeans. Affiance not only provides disease protection of existing leaves and plant tissue at the time of application, but all new growth emerging after application too.

The picture below helps visually illustrate the systemic movement of Affiance compared to other common fungicides used in corn and soybeans today. Many fungicides will claim systemic movement but their movement is very limited, or non-existent, which results in lower overall disease control, declining plant health, and reduced yields. In comparison, Affiance is a truly systemic fungicide that provides greater disease control, improved plant health, and increased yields.

The leaves pictured to the right are of the ‘ear leaf’, which is the first leaf directly below the ear on a corn plant. The ear leaf was NOT emerged/visible when the fungicide applications were made, meaning none of the fungicides came in direct contact with the ear leaf when the application was made. Any improvement in disease control compared to the non-treated leaf is due to the fungicide systemically moving into the ear leaf after application. Notice how Affiance Fungicide translocated to the ear leaf and provided the best disease protection of all the fungicides tested, even under heavy pressure disease.

Location: Western Ohio
Disease: Gray Leaf Spot / Northern Corn Leaf Blight

Affiance Improves Stalk & Root Development

The systemic movement of Affiance Fungicide not only improves disease control, but also greatly increases stalk and root development.

Stalk Health & Development

Stalk diameter, strength, and health are improved by Affiance translocating through the stalk to reduce common stalk diseases and improve overall stalk health under stressed growing conditions. Improved stalk health directly relates to improvements in water and nutrient movement in the plant, and also reduced lodging for an easier and quicker harvest. If your harvest gets delayed from unexpected fall weather, it’s nice to know the last field you harvest will still be standing.

Location: Illinois

Location: Wisconsin

Root Health & Development

Root mass, depth, and overall development are improved on Affiance treated plants. Notice the dramatic differences in the root development of the Affiance treated plants pictured below. The Affiance treated plants have deeper roots, which will be a major benefit in dry years when soil moisture is low. The Affiance treated plants also have more fibrous roots for improved water and nutrient uptake, and significant improvements in brace root development to further reduce lodging.

Location: Western Ohio

Location: Minnesota

At the end of the day, it's All About Yield!

Location: Western Ohio

When deciding whether or not to apply a fungicide, or which fungicide you should apply, you want to know your decision will return more dollars than your investment. When disease control, stalk health, and root development are all improved, the end result is amplified in the yield. Only Affiance Fungicide has the systemic horsepower to give you total plant protection and optimized plant performance from root to tassel. Your fungicide choice just became much simpler, chose Affiance Fungicide.












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