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Affiance® Fungicide Dairy Guarantee Program

Program Directions and Rules

  1. Fill out the online registration form to participate in the program.
  2. Purchase 1 case (5 gallons) of Affiance® Fungicide from your local Chemical Dealer.
    • Grower must inform their Chemical Dealer they are participating in the Affiance Fungicide Dairy Guarantee Program at the time of purchase.
  3. Apply 10 fluid ounces of Affiance Fungicide per acre at the V4 – V8 growth stage to a corn silage field of your choice, and be sure to leave a non-treated strip for comparison.
    • Treated versus non-treated comparison MUST be made in the same field and on the same variety/hybrid of corn.
    • The non-treated strip should be located in the field such that a fair comparison can be made.
    • Grower/applicator may tank mix Affiance Fungicide with their POST herbicide spray if so desired.
    • Tassel (VT) applications of Affiance Fungicide will NOT qualify.
  4. At the time of harvest, growers must pull samples of the Affiance treated and non-treated corn silage for feed quality analysis.
    • For each sample, Affiance treated and non-treated: i. 5 random subsample should be taken. ii. Subsamples should be mixed together to create one sample.
  5. Both silage samples (Affiance treated and non-treated) should be sent to a local laboratory of your choosing for a feed quality analysis.
    • Grower is responsible for the laboratory feed analysis fee.
    • Grower must request electronic copies be sent to themselves and Gowan USA at cdyer@gowanco.com.
    • Laboratory feed analysis report must include milk pounds per ton of dry matter.
    • If no local laboratory is available to conduct feed analysis, please send silage samples to: i. Dairy One, Inc 730 Warren Road, Ithaca, NY 14850 (607) 257-1272

To Qualify for a Refund

  1. If the results from the laboratory show lower, or the same, milk pounds per ton of dry matter produced in the Affiance Fungicide treated sample compared to the non-treated sample, grower qualifies for up to a $900 refund on the 1 case of Affiance Fungicide purchased.
    • Maximum refund paid $900 ($180/gallon).
  2. To request a refund grower must contact Gowan USA directly via phone (913-202-7190) or email (cdyer@gowanco.com).
  3. Grower must provide Gowan USA with their laboratory feed quality results and a copy of the invoice for the Affiance Fungicide purchased from their Chemical Dealer.
    • All refunds will be paid within 60 days after a completed refund request is made.

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