Silage Corn Trial Results

How will Affiance® Fungicide benefit my dairy operation?

The systemic properties of Affiance Fungicide allow a single early application (made at the V4 – V8 growth stage) to provide season long, top-to bottom, total plant disease and stress protection.

Silage corn treated with Affiance has demonstrated improvements in:

Affiance Silage Corn Trial Results

12 silage corn trial results were placed across the US

All trials were large plot/split field comparisons (Affiance versus Non-Treated) Affiance Fungicide was applied at 10 fluid ounces/acre at the V5 growth stage in all trials.

Fresh weight yields were provided by the grower. Fresh weight yields were adjusted to 65% moisture taccount for differences in moisture content.

Feed quality analysis was provided by locally recommended independent labs.

Cost of starch from dent corn = $0.12/lb. Based on $4.00/bushel corn cost - delivered and processed (cracked/ground).

Cost of crude protein from alfalfa hay = $0.44/lb. Based on $160/ton delivered alfalfa hay cost.

*Based on $16.50/cwt Class I Milk Price.

Is the Return Worth the Investment?

Affiance Fungicide returned:

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